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The Technology Behind My Photography and Art

The digital age has created dramatic changes in the world of photography. One, cell phones have made everyone a photographer and darn good ones at that. But the new technology also allows you to do things after an image is taken that you couldn’t even dream of when I first started.

While some of my fellow photojournalists staunchly advocate for the authenticity of untouched photos, it’s worth remembering that the traditional darkroom itself was a post-production vehicle where many images underwent subtle “tweaks.” Various processes in the darkroom resulted in nuanced variations of the final image.

While deeply rooted in my photojournalism background, I find that embracing technology can elevate a photograph, making it more realistic or affording greater flexibility in crafting digital artworks. This, in turn, often leads to the creation of more captivating and dramatic images.

Among the techniques that I particularly appreciate is true High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. This method involves capturing a series of photographs at different exposures or focus points and stacking them to produce a single image. The rationale behind this approach lies in the fact that the human eye can perceive a broad range of contrast or focus points in a scene, far exceeding the capacity of any camera sensor to capture in a single image.

Consider a scenario where we stand in a room flooded with bright sunlight streaming through windows. Our eyes effortlessly discern details in both the dimly lit areas of the room and the brightly lit exterior scenery. However, a camera struggles to capture such drastic exposure ranges in a single shot. Metering for the highlights may result in a darkened room, while metering for the darker areas may wash out the windows.

Enter HDR photography, where capturing multiple shots at different exposures allows for the creation of a composite image that preserves details both inside and outside the room. The result is a more realistic and visually compelling photograph.

Presently, my artistic endeavors span two categories: “fine art photographs” and “digital artworks.” The former involves minimal editing, and while most are digitally signed, I am open to hand-signing prints upon request. The latter, “digital artworks,” are born from the photographs I capture and are limited only by my creative imagination. These, too, bear my digital signature.

Moreover, many of these works extend beyond traditional prints and find a home on various promotional items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, towels, and more. I invite you to explore this diverse collection, as you might stumble upon something that resonates with your preferences and taste.

This is a picture my wife took of me while photographing "Yona Mountain." You can see "The Final Result" below.

Everyone loves a challenge. For me, the thrill is in finding that perfect spot and taking that perfect picture. Three hours climbing a mountain is definitely worth "the final result."

Samuel McCall

"The Final Result"

“Not too long ago, my wife and I decided to hike to the top of Yonah Mountain in the mountains of North Georgia. Yonah is located near Helen, Georgia. The climb was a little more difficult than we expected—— but well worth the views at the top.  If you decide to make the climb, keep in mind that there is a little hamburger joint, appropriately named “Yonah Burger,” located near the base of the mountain. Give it a try. Great burgers! Especially after a long arduous hike.”

                                          ——–Samuel McCall







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