Pricing Disclosure

o    Our residential real estate photo packages include homes up to 3,000 square feet in size. For homes over 3,000 square feet, multiply the overage by 10 cents a square foot and add to your package.

o    Bookings by Homeowners will be billed day of service.

o    There is no upfront fee for Real Estate Agents. However, we do require a credit card as part of the booking process.

ü  Properties for Sale:

§  Real Estate Agents will have their credit card billed when our system “sweeps” transaction data and recognizes that a property has sold.

§  If the Agent has “lost the listing” and is no longer under contract representing the sale of the property, and certifies such, then the credit card will not be billed.

ü  Properties for Rent: The credit card on file will be charged approximately 25 days after the services are completed.

ü  Commercial Property or Land for Sale: The credit card on file will be charged approximately 25 days after services are completed.

Staging Notes

o    A $75 cancellation fee will apply if a property is not staged properly and is not ready to shoot when we arrive.

o    If we stage a property to get it ready to shoot, there will be a $75 an hour charge for the time involved.  

Out of Town Travel

o    $1200 per day plus expenses including:

ü  Airline Tickets

ü  Airport Parking

ü  Ground Transportation

ü  Equipment Shipping or Rental

ü  $60 Per Diem Daily

ü  $1 Per Mile When Driving

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