Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events are normally composed of a number of moving parts that converge to make the event a success. The parts may consist of assorted speakers, different types of venues - indoor and outdoor, beach or ski lodge, different sized crowds, and other specifics that make each event unique. With these types of variances, a photographer must be prepared to accommodate a variety of photo needs, and must be able to adjust quickly to capture important moments. Having worked as a photojournalist, we are experienced in this type of photography. Let me explain. Corporate events are typically one-shot events. Photographers must capture the moments as they happen, or the opportunity is lost. Depending on the type of event, the photographer must be prepared to shoot inside a well-lit convention hall, a dimly lit conference room or outside at a barbeque in bright sunlight. An experienced photojournalist with a proven track record can adapt to these different conditions quickly and catch those important moments. Due to the assorted moving parts of your event, call us to discuss and get a detailed quote.

Event Pricing Starts At $600 For 1/2 Day.

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